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8 July 2008

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Raining drops
4 July 2008

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Car accident
26 June 2008

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24 June 2008

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The ladder
30 May 2008

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20 May 2008

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Girl in a bar
10 April 2008

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Urban desolation
26 March 2008

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The small house in the lake
20 February 2008

Recent Comments

Eleni on Travelling light
My favorite!!

firdaus on TV tower
i little bit confuse about this object hehe... is it a town inside a train?? :_)

bm on The colours project: yellow
that's a cool blur of yellow :)

&Once on Girl in a bar
powerfull image manage to capture emotions !!

&Once on The ladder
Intresting image , i would like it better without the "lonely " hand at the lower left

&Once on Urban desolation
Very nice framing here , i have tried some times to capture images like this but my straight framing didn't work.

&Once on Car accident
Intresting Subject .

&Once on Seapool
Hello.I pass to check your blog and you catch me with the very first pic , Nice framing and excellent post process that ...

DarkElf on Seapool
fantastic golden colour tone... it looks like liquid gold is being smelted in a forge - fantastic mood and feel in this ...

dj.tigersprout on The colours project I
very cool and abstract! love the colors! welcome to Am3!!! :)

dj.tigersprout on The small house in the lake
very beautiful and a wonderful capture! bravo!

dj.tigersprout on Urban desolation
ooh -- love this. i call it urban decay! brilliant shot!

dj.tigersprout on Stimfalia
this is stunning! bravo!

dj.tigersprout on Car accident
what? how? amazing!

dj.tigersprout on The colours project: electric
beautiful lights and shapes!

Evi on Tram
Beautiful shot.

Evi on The ladder
I love it!

Evi on Stimfalia

Alexander on Car accident
very nice george. This city keeps a suprice in every corner!! great shoot

ANDREAS on Car accident
Nice city, nice photo!

lucie on Stimfalia
this is gorgeous. the colors and the lighting are superb.

Namaki on Terminal
interesting colours and composition !

kostas on Tram
Nice movement!

Ronnie 2¢ on The small house in the lake
So placid . . what a setting this is! A world of blue.

Nick Grundberg on Night figures
Nice, almost looks blacklight-reactive. Very cool.

rem_la on Night figures
l'atmosphere est plutot glauque

Dimitrios on The small house in the lake

Evi on The small house in the lake
Beautiful subject, nicely reflected. Συνέχισε και ...

George Kouros on The small house in the lake
Thanks all of you for the comments. This photo is taken in a sea lake in Western Greece.

farmermarn on The small house in the lake
Cool shot! I can't WAIT to get a wide angle lens! What lake is this?

Sandrine on The small house in the lake
lovely shot!

danthro on The small house in the lake
nice shot! good composition, nice colors and background. i especially like the light and tones on the structure.

JLT on The small house in the lake
beautiful refection shot!

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